Personal Arbitration and Mediation

DH Professional Corporation has the expertise to reconcile arbitrations and mediations as well as participate as a neutral third party facilitator. Arbitration and mediation are two alternatives to litigation that can:

  • Reduce time and costs
  • Maintain or improve the relationship of the disputing parties
  • Ensure that the outcome is practical
  • Identify alternative solutions to the parties involved

Mediation involves the use of a neutral third party to facilitate a dispute between parties. It works only when both parties agree to engage in the process and where there is some hope of a common solution. Mediation only brings a dispute to an end if both parties, with the intervention and assistance of the mediator, are able to come to an agreement that resolves the dispute.

Arbitration utilizes a neutral third party to hear the evidence and decide for the disputing parties how their conflict should be resolved. Arbitration tends to be more structured and formal than mediation. Unlike mediation, arbitration will bring finality to the dispute whether the parties agree or not; an arbitrator’s decision is final and binding. Hancock and Rogers associates have appeared as counsel in both mediation and arbitration proceedings.

If you are considering resolving a legal matter via this avenue, contact one of our associates at DH Professional Corporation – we’re here to help.