Information Technology Law

The advancement of Information Technology in all sectors of society has resulted in many new and complex legal challenges. Some of these include the protection of software, multimedia products, electronic databases and other information-based assets. Other laws pertaining to Information Technology include:

  • ICANN — domain name disputes
  • Regulatory laws — the regulation of data protection/privacy, the control of high technology exports, and the regulation of the Internet
  • Commercial law — the impact of contract, competition, sales, bankruptcy and tax laws on the distribution and sale of computers and information-based products and services

DH Professional Corporation offers expert counsel in this area. Douglas Hancock, Partner, holds an LL.M in Information Technology from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and has written extensively on issues associated with computer related crime.

Please contact Douglas to discuss any concerns you may have regarding Information Technology Law. We also invite you to refer to our publications on information technology for more information.