Family Law

The family law team at DH Professional Corporation are pleased to offer assistance in a wide variety of issues involved in your cohabitation, marriage, separation, or divorce.

Preparing to move in with a significant other or planning a wedding? When property ownership is not discussed in detail, problems down the road may arise. We help advise you of these potential problems, and draft marriage contracts or even cohabitation contracts for common-law couples, to afford you and your partner peace of mind, and protection of your assets.

Going through a separation or divorce, whether you are married or a common-law couple, can be a difficult and emotional time, especially when children are involved. Often, the complex legal issues and the court system can be overwhelming to navigate without a skilled and experienced lawyer at your side. Lawyers at DH Professional Corporation work with you to achieve a cost-effective result that will keep your bests interests in mind, and can assist you in all aspects of a breakdown of marriage or common law relationship including but not limited to:

  • Preparation of a separation agreement;
  • Obtaining Divorce Certificates;
  • Litigation (Including but not limited to Custody/Access and Net Family Property disputes); and
  • Mediation or arbitration.

Lawyers at DH Professional Corporation can also assist in providing Independent Legal Advice if your spouse or partner has provided you with a proposed marriage contract or separation agreement.

At DH Professional Corporation we work with you to understand your circumstances and objectives. We approach your family law matters in a thoughtful and professional manner to ensure the best possible outcome and the finality and peace of mind your family deserves.